Better Learning Environments through Innovative Educational Programming

Our goal is to support educators in creating better learning environments for kids. Our authoritative professional development media and web resources are designed to help teachers & school administrators in meeting this challenge. At Atlas Initiative, we encourage the use of evidence-based instructional practices, data-informed decision-making, and regular collaboration among the educators, support staff, and parents who devote themselves to doing what's best for kids every day.

Our team is dedicated to creating the highest-quality productions on the topics that closely affect educators in the field. We believe that frequent, ongoing professional development for teachers & administrators is an essential component of a strong school system, as important for the seasoned veteran as for the recent college graduate.

We founded Atlas Initiative with the primary intent of creating professional educational programming in an accessible format that can be readily integrated into faculty meetings, in-service workshops, and other professional development opportunities.

Our Mission

Atlas Initiative for Public Education is a Pennsylvania nonprofit organization dedicated to informing members of the public education community about current research, evidence-based practices, and other topics pertinent to the advancement of public education.

We carry out this mission to support e
ducators in creating learning environments where the following values are prioritized:    
  • promoting respect and appreciation for diversity within the public education setting
  • deciding upon evidence-based interventions to support students with diverse academic and social/emotional needs      
  • using standardized and/or curriculum-based assessment data to inform instruction
  • linking assessment data to academic and behavioral interventions
  • incorporating inclusive practices into the general education classroom
  • ensuring a match between instructional styles and individual student needs
  • expanding the repertoire of differentiated instructional practices among educators
  • improving collaboration among parents, educators, and other members of the public education community to promote the academic and social/emotional growth of students

We will accomplish our mission primarily through the production and distribution of educational programming designed specifically for teachers, administrators, support staff, parents & other community members, and college & graduate students enrolled in teacher/administrator training programs.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration among practicing professionals and experts in the field, we also aim to coordinate opportunities for professional consultation and technical assistance for educators seeking to implement student-centered, evidence-based strategies.