Evidence-Based Instruction & Interventions

Instruction described as 'evidence-based' may also be referred to as 'research-based' or 'scientifically validated' instruction. These terms refer to instructional techniques that have been demonstrated through extensive research to be effective for the majority of students.
  Evidence-Based Instruction
An instructional program meeting these criteria is designed to support educators, whether novice or veteran, in providing effective, high-quality instruction.

And unless the school team can be certain that a student has received high-quality instruction that has been widely validated by research as effective in helping students to make academic gains, the team cannot reasonably conclude that the student's learning difficulties did not, in fact, have something to do with the instruction itself.

In other words, it is a mistake to assume that a student is inherently 'flawed' or 'disabled' without first confirming that the methods used to teach her have been proven effective by scientific research.

By ensuring that the general ed curriculum is built upon a foundation of evidence-based instruction, delivered as intended, school teams can more confidently rule out instructional variables as factors contributing to students' learning challenges.
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